Xendi Starbase 9

Xendi Starbase 9 is a Federation contract repair base.

a.k.a. A hive of scum & villainy …

XSB9 is on the edge of Federation space and near the Ferengi Alliance. The station itself is of Federation construction, albeit older construction, and belongs to Independent Carrier Yards, a Federation corporation. However there are very few Federation inhabitants, a great deal of Ferengi and almost zero Starfleet influence. Starfleet is just another valued customer …

XSB9 itself is a well known destination for freighter captains and traders in the area. The yards specialize in light and medium freighters. The promenade houses several casinos, bars, restaurants and any imaginable distraction or entertainment. One could make or lose a fortune in one day, if they had a mind to …

Of special note is Dock 13 – the most infamous bar on the station, maybe in the sector. Dock 13 is owned by an Orion named Urrok Zor. Zor fancies himself to be a businessman, restauranteur, chef and entertainer – the ultimate host. There are plenty of rumors about his other … pursuits.

The station is kept from falling into chaos under the wary eye of a Vulcan named Vok. Vok is tall, thin and as sharp as an assassin’s blade. He is considered a Federation Governor, however he is an employee of ICY. Titles like Administrator and Governor are appropriate, however the station inhabitants call him Boss Vok. Vok is no-nonsense and by-the-book, and, since they are outside Federation jurisdiction, Vok wrote the book. Vok runs a tight station and his grey clad security forces make his word law. Stepping outside Vok’s law brings swift, but even-handed, justice.

Starfleet has contracted the XSB9 yards to perform repairs and all possible upgrades to Stargazer. However, she is not to be refit. She is about to be relegated to transport duty. At approximately 300 meters and with her stacked nacelle design, she will just barely fit into the starbase’s internal bay.

Xendi Starbase 9

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