Urrok Zor

Urrok Zor popped up in the Xendi sector about 10 years ago. He had a pile of credits and a ready smile. In a short time he purchased the largest bar on XSB9 – a place called Dock 13.

Zor an Orion. He is tall, 2.3 meters, green skinned and athletically built. He often dresses in flashy robes that show off his chest and abdomen, or in velvet pantaloons and leather braces. Like most Orions, he has several piercings and implants. Several of these are functional devices ranging from video cameras to microphones to pheromone sprayers.

Zor sees himself as the ultimate host. He is a fabulous conversationalist, but he is also an accomplished vocalist and recognized chef. Every customer at Dock 13 is treated like Zor’s personal house guest. No comfort is too much to ask – for a paying guest.

Zor also is rumored to have many ties in the underworld. He requires these to acquire several rare forms of spirits and less than legal food items. However, it is further rumored his dealings are not solely in food & drink. Zor is known to disappear for days at a time to make these dealings in deep space.

Urrok Zor

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