Stargazer side viewConstellation class starships, USS Stargazer and her sister ship, USS Valkyrie, called The Amazons, began their existences together at the San Francisco Fleet Yards in early 2276. These “science explorers” pushed off into the galaxy a year later and two legends began – both serve in Starfleet to this day. Further history can be found here on Stargazer and the Constellation class.

USS Stargazer

Stargazer at work ... Stargazer served many captains; Manning, Ruhalter, Picard just to name an illustrious few. Picard once described his old command as “an overworked, underpowered vessel that was always on the verge of flying apart at the seams.” Now, at nearly 90 years old, with thousands of missions and hundreds of combat engagements, that description is no surprise.

Picard’s 20 year command is arguably the most interesting; from a impressive field promotion to an explosive final battle that left Stargazer on fire and abandoned with Picard heading for a court martial – the story is quite a roller coaster.

Years later, long after the fateful battle at Maxia Zeta, Picard is “gifted” Stargazer. What to do with a burned out, 87 year old war horse? The original thought was to scrap her or rebuild her cosmetically and place her in a museum. But, Admiral Lydia Cho had another idea. Why not crew the throw-away vessel with a batch of green Ensigns and crew, freshly graduated from the academy? Let them fly her back to the repair base. They’ll all get quite a lot of experience and maybe, just maybe, a little bit more.

The Admiral got her wish … and a little bit more

Stargazer, San Francisco Fleet Yards, 2277


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