Ralic has been haunting the Harga system for a couple of years now. His people discovered the source of the metal making up the high power connectors on a crashed Federation shuttle and have been trying to exploit it.

Working with Tay Harga wasn’t difficult, he was a classic corrupt politician. Enough money and promises of more power opened doors. Supplying mercenaries to quell union uprisings was a simple matter that much improved Tay’s standing. One thing Ralic could say of Tay – Tay stayed bought.

Tay apparently had an agreement with a Hargan who posed as a simple janitor on Harga1. This janitor was retired Hargan military and quite capable. He was able to free up samples and information.

However, the latest discoveries to flow from the labs of Dr. Alice Andrews were more closely guarded.

After the first OMB raids, Ralic suspected something was off. The OMB had been excessively pacifistic. This radical turn seemed unlikely but highly exploitable. Ralic turned to Karn Zax and his mercenaries for help. Zax devised a plan to invade Harga1 – a simple task since they assumed it was not only unarmed but unshielded.


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