Organized Miner's Brotherhood

The OMB is a labor union for Hargatite miners and pilots in the Harga system. They are demanding higher wages, better health care and retirement benefits and a better set of health and safety regulations for workers from the Harga Mining Corporation.

They are a non-violent union, and, frankly, not as organized as their name might suggest.

The OMB is currently led, from hiding, by Marizka.

The HMC has long underpaid the miners, have mistreated the miners and have not had a stellar safety rating. The OMB has staged several strikes and protests for higher pay and greater miner safety. Their protests have indeed been peaceful. However, HMC has often brought in “police” – or simply hired mercenaries – to break up the larger demonstrations. In the end, OMB has lost a lot of support and has been seen as ineffective.

With the new raids and violence, OMB is now seen as a rouge terrorist organization, mostly due to the influence of the state run media. Miners who used to be proud members of the OMB are now anti-OMB. Marizka swears OMB has never done anything violent, she says they certainly have never armed shuttles and conducted raids.

Organized Miner's Brotherhood

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