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Welcome Officers & Crew!

Below is a list of facts and dossiers for your education. Please study them.

Your Command Structure

Admiral Lydia Cho
Commodore Adam Drake

Your Shipmates


Captain Lieutenant Commander Landon Dorgo
Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander Ellemir Baristani
Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Commander Surok
Helm Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Folla Micci
Security Officer Ensign Jake Dwyer
Medical Officer Ensign Melissa Boyd
Counsellor Ensign Pennoia Cron
Engineering Officer Ensign Ovid
Science Officer Ensign Fatina
Communications Officer Ensign Rodger Rutger Rogier


Petty Officer Michael DuCane
Chief Petty Officer Sean “Spanners” Tavish
Holographic Medical Assistant

Other Persons of Note


Ferengi Ambassador Gint Rata
Klingon Ambassador Colonel Trempek

Featured in the Episode The Ambassador Ambush

Commander Kraytok
Lt. Kurge
Ambassador Colonel Trempek
IKS Dush’Ku

Featured in the Episode The Hunt for Kine-Uthra-Klul

Xendi Starbase 9
USS Vision
Dock 13
Urrok Zor
The Harga Cannon
Kine Uthra Klul
The Arm of Kraytok
The Honored Blade of Kraytok

Featured in the Episode The Incredible Shrinking Crew

USS Kurzweil

DVD Extra – Vehicle Tracker

Featured in the Episode The Graduates Part 2

Tarred’s Tigers
Drew Tarred
Karn Zax

Featured in the Episode The Graduates

Tay Harga
Ellit Harga
Marizka Harga
Dr. Alice Andrews
Harga Mining Corporation
Organized Miner’s Brotherhood
Hargatite 45

DVD Extra – The Graduates

Main Page

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