Kine Uthra Klul

Kine uthra klul Once upon a time …
… there was a simple freighter, built in a Klingon shipyard. She was small, low powered and meant mostly for bulk, in-system ore transport. Years passed, eventually the ship was hijacked, the crew fought their way off the ship and the little freighter was abandoned, set adrift in the middle of nowhere.

A few years later some pirates found the little ship. They upgraded her engines and welded on a couple of phaser turrets. For a time the little ship terrorized Tellerite shipping lanes. Eventually, the Tellerites hunted down the pirates, captured the freighter and within weeks sold it at auction.

The freighter fell into the hands of a legitimate freight business. As the space lanes near Tellerite, Andorian and Orion space are pretty rough, the armed freighter pulled her weight and did a great job. As time passed, she was regularly refit and upgraded – her modular design even allowed for her to be expanded. She was finally given a name “Kine Uthra” – Blessed Vessel or, loosely, The Lucky Ship.

The business man took out a loan from The Orion Syndicate with interest so high he would never be able to pay off the debt. Eventually the Syndicate took everything the business owned, including the freighter. They handed the ship off to one operator after another, who conducted some illicit activity or other and then returned the ship to the Syndicate. In that time, the ship seemed to have a will to survive, to complete the mission. Maybe she was lucky. She certainly was given greater and greater duties, but never again upgraded. Her dilapidated appearance allowed her to escape more than one scrape with the law and/or the legitimate government or other legal body the Syndicate was treading over. Or, maybe it was her luck. Either way, she eventually earned a new name “Kine Uthra Klul” – “The Lucky Treasure Ship”.

The ship was used to carry some slaves and was captured by the crew of the Stargazer. She currently sits in a Federation impound yard. Orders for her to be auctioned have recently been issued …

Kine Uthra Klul

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