Gint Rata

Rata was born in a small province just outside the capitol on Ferenginar. He spent his youth in the Sacred Market, making profit as if it were going out of style. He soon came to the attention of his betters and gained something of a reputation for being able to make a profit on items no one else could sell at a loss.

Rata was soon asked to serve in a more political capacity. First, as a PR representative for the Grand Nagus. Selling the Nagus was more difficult than many might suspect, but Rata rose to the challenge. Eventually, Rata graduated to negotiating deals as the proxy of the Nagus. One very complex deal with between the Nagus’ personal holdings, holdings of the Ferengi Alliance (Rata was negotiating as proxy for the Alliance at a substansial consulting fee) and holdings of a Orion mining conglomerate and an Andorian shipping corporation resulted in a rift in relations between Rata and the Nagus. Rata ended up undercutting the Nagus’ bid, favoring the Ferengi Alliance – which is still essentially the Grand Nagus. The Nagus made a healthy profit, but not as healthy as it could have been. In the end, the Nagus named Gint Rata to the diplomatic corps.

Rata is now middle aged and something of a maverick in the diplomatic corps. He has negotiated peace, at a profit, more times than anyone of his peers is willing to admit. At this stage, he has become quite the thorn in the side of the Federation in some recent negotiations between Starfleet and the Ferengi Alliance where Starfleet has come out the losers.

The Federation has been courting Rata, in an attempt to sway his view, perhaps to lessen the damage he might do to the interests of the Federation and to the capabilities of Starfleet in and near Ferengi space. Rata is very aware of these attemps, these “sweet-heart” deals and he is more than willing to take advantage of them. To that end, he has demanded that the Federation and Starfleet furnish him with a ship, a proper Ambasadorial conveyance, crewed by Ferengi. He awaits their response.

Gint Rata

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