DVD Extra - Vehicle Tracker

Role Playing Games and Television Shows have something in common: vehicles get trashed on a regular basis! The various incarnations of Star Trek were not an exception. Early episodes are proving that Stargazer isn’t going to be any different! Here is a fun list of all the vehicles that will come and go from episode to episode.

Current Vehicle Inventory:

USS Stargazer
1 Civilian 8 Seat Shuttle
1 Civilian 6 Seat Shuttle
2 Civilian 2 Seat Pods
3 Hover Bikes

In The Graduates Part 1 the crew receives the Stargazer – hopefully that won’t get destroyed before the end of the show! There were two beat up civilian 2 seat inspection pods left behind by the Ferengi in the shuttle bay.

By the end of The Graduates Part 2 the crew were the proud owners of four civilian shuttles; two 4 seat models, one 6 seat and one 8 seat.

Early in The Incredible Shrinking Crew, we have our first shuttlecraft casualties as the two 4 seaters mentioned above are crashed. However, the hulk of the USS Kurzweil holds three older shuttles: Galahad, Matathias and Merlin, plus a half dozen light hover bikes. The scientists on Kurzweil used the bikes to scout over large areas.

Toward the end of The Orion Trap, Surok commandeers the Romulan shuttle that would eventually be known as Avalon.

Midway through The Ambassador Ambush, shuttle Galahad is lost due to fire from a House Duras warship. Crewmen Dwyer and DuCane were able to transport to safety. Later in the episode, shuttle Avalon is lost to a transporter failure that nearly destroyed the shuttle. Surok & Dorgo were transported to shuttle Merlin by pilot Baristani.

The episode On Ice sees several fire fights that result in the loss of three Hover Bikes, a.k.a. airbikes.

DVD Extra - Vehicle Tracker

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