Dock 13

Dock 13 is the most infamous bar on XSB9, maybe in the sector. The bar never closes and there is almost always loud goings on. There is dabo, cards and other forms of gambling. Pool, darts and dom-jot. Recently knife throwing has become the preferred activity. To that end, a large chunk of natural wood was wheeled in, the tree’s rings acting as a bull’s eye.

In among the patrons are usually drug dealers and pimps. They give a portion of their take to the owner of the bar as a courtesy.

The bar is quite large, covering three levels with an open air atrium. Neon lights illuminate a dance floor, while quiet, dark corners host various rendezvous and nefarious dealings.

Dock 13 is owned by an Orion named Urrok Zor, who is only just slightly less infamous than his bar.

Dock 13

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