Commodore Adam Drake

Commodore Adam Drake is a steady, officious, bureaucratic man. He believes that order will save everything. Any problem can be solved if you know your filing system is perfect.

His 40+ years in Starfleet have taught him that life is fast, hard and brutal. It has taught him that young people die far too easily. It has also told him that knowing where all of your assets are located can make the difference between a swift, brutal death and a group of young explorers returning home to their families.

Unfortunately for the Commodore, he has been assigned to the command of Admiral Lydia Cho. Her sense of humor and chaos producing practical jokes have often been the bane of his organized world view. He often thinks that she is punishing him for his adherence to protocol, formality and order. However, truth be known, several of Cho’s more famous pranks would not have been possible without Drake’s deep knowledge of Starfleet and Federation assets.

Drake is considering an early retirement, he certainly feels he has earned it. There is talk that Cho has started calling Drake “Pips” – a possible offer of a Rear Admiral promotion (the rank is a pair of pips in a cartouche) if he stays on her staff longer? No one can say.

Commodore Adam Drake

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