Tag: mercenary


  • Karn Zax

    Karn Zax is a known Cardassian mercenary. He'll work for anyone with enough latinum to pay his rather outrageous fees. It's not that he's good, he's just willing to take on seriously bad jobs. He has lived through several of these near suicide missions, …

  • Drew Tarred

    A mercenary, a young man with leadership capabilities beyond his years. His personal reputation in the merc community is that of an up and comer. Drew owns a merc company known as [[Tarred's Tigers]].

  • Tarred's Tigers

    The Tigers are a small mercenary company owned by [[Drew Tarred | Drew Tarred]]. The Tigers usually number about a dozen. That number will increase depending on the contract. The Tigers only trademark is the fact they insist on painting large, …