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  • Tay Harga

    Tay Harga is now Governor Executive of the [[Harga | Harga system]] and thus the [[Harga Mining Corporation | Harga Mining Corporation]]. He is a typical politician; likable and diplomatic, but with an oily feel. You just know he’s getting kickbacks under …

  • Alice Andrews

    Dr. Andrews is a Federation metallurgist working in the [[Harga | Harga]] system on various configurations of a metal called [[Hargatite | Hargatite]]. She is research lead on station [[Harga1 | Harga1]]. She has discovered a new form of [[Hargatite …

  • Ellit Harga

    Ellit Harga is the vice president of the [[Harga Mining Corporation | Harga Mining Corporation]] and governor of Harga 2. He is the brother of [[Tay Harga | Tay Harga]].

  • Marizka

    Marizka Harga is niece to both [[Tay Harga | Tay]] and [[Ellit Harga | Ellit Harga]]. She is also the leader of the [[Organized Miner's Brotherhood | OMB]]. She is proud of the accomplishments made by her union and angry about the false blame that has …