Civilian Shuttlecraft

How to get your Get-Up-&-Go into Orbit!




Starships carry shuttlecraft for several reasons. However, the military are not the only ones who use shuttles. Civilians often own shuttles as demanded by their jobs or for pleasure. Any civilian can hire out a shuttle service to taxi them from one planet in a system to another, or to a ship in orbit.

Short range freight haulers use shuttle to move supplies, parts, etc. from ground to orbit and beyond.

Pirates and Mercenaries use shuttles much as would any military organization. However, they often use civilian shuttles as they are easy to come by and cheaper than the heavier armored models used by the military.

Shuttlecraft can be found in as many models as one would expect of ground vehicles. Models only capable of moving one or two people will be parked on the shuttle pad next to larger models that can move 4 to 6 or even larger models for moving dozens of people or tons of cargo. There is a shuttlecraft size and design for every job.

Civilian Shuttlecraft

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