Star Trek: Stargazer

The Graduates Part 2

Don't mess with the Union!

After the amazing events of the first part of our story, there were only loose ends to tie up … a cut Gordian Knot’s worth of loose ends!

Drew Tarred began our episode by calling for a parley. He was locked in the brig with several of his men, he is the leader of Tarred’s Tigers. He was a simple mercenary, his people flew the shuttles with the hot-shotted mining lasers that did no real damage. Sure, they scared people, and they set some fires and damaged some property, but no one got really hurt and certainly no one was killed. There was no profit left in the fight. Tarred was willing to trade what he knew for his freedom and the freedom of his men. In turn, they would bug out and cause no more trouble. The Crew, under Capt. Folla, agreed and Tarred called the Tiger’s main cruiser. Tarred’s Tigers left the system fast and noisy.

Meanwhile, at the mansion of the Governor Executive, Ensign Surok was still stalking around. At this point, a lot of action happened on the ground. The Romulan shuttle that had been camouflaged on the grounds of the mansion suddenly began to lift off. It took a shot at Stargazer in orbit and missed! With Stargazer on alert, Ensign Ellemir was able to shoot at the evading Romulans. The Romulan shuttle turned to run and attempted to cloak. However, with the recent damage from Stargazer, the shuttle was a sitting duck and Deb blew it to duranium particles.

A single escape pod exited the shuttle in its death throes. Stargazer was able to tractor the pod aboard, finding Romulan spy Ralic inside. He was unwilling to talk, but seemed quite smug about his future. A moment later, a pair of gun ships dropped out of warp. The same gun ships Stargazer had chased away from Harga1 just the day before. The ships hailed and were answered. On screen, a Cardassian, Karn Zax – who immediately began to negotiate. Knowing he was out-gunned, seeing his employer in the hands of the Federation, Zax offered to leave the system causing no further problems in exchange for the return of his men who had been cooling their heels in the brig since the encounter on the station. Again, the exchange was made, freeing a cell in the brig for the now less-than-smug Ralic.

With the combined information from Tarred & Zax, plus what had earlier been gathered, the Crew, with help from the OMB, conducted a coup! Bloodless, and frankly rather quiet, but a coup none the less. The team conducted Tay and his brother Ellit to separate rooms. A live feed from Ellit’s room was passed to Tay’s room. A feed from both rooms was fed to a third room containing members of the OMB and Marizka. These feeds were also passed to the state media. Ellit was asked questions under the premise that Tay was being investigated. Ellit, seeing the trap, immediately gave his brother up, even making up a few things. Tay, of course, denied and gave up his brother and the Romulan spy, Ralic. The union members in the other room roared with horror and anger and had to be kept from storming the interrogation rooms to kill the brothers. In short order, a call came up for Marizka to take her place as Governor Executive and have her brothers arrested and tried. Largely peaceful protests, calling for the above, broke out system wide. The OMB was exonerated and Marizka took her place at the HMC.

Marizka made good on her promise, delivering 4 shuttlecraft – all civilian models but working; two 4 person models, one 6 person and one 8 person. Technicians from the OMB also boarded Stargazer for some repair work. They were able to repair the major battle damage, perform some minor upgrades, restore shields and get the old girl back to a reliable Warp 3. Warp 3 might seem slow, but it was discovered that had the ship conducted ANY more warp speed activity, they would have lost their Bussard collectors and this would have likely created a cascading failure throughout the vessel.

The crew also asked Dr. Andrews to build a new weapon from Hargatite 45. She agreed and said she would let Stargazer know when she had more information.



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